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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love


faith in god exclusively



I can't have faith in God and rely on the church,. I can't have faith in God and rely on the preacher. I can't have faith in God and rely on the Bible. I can't have faith in God and rely on anything I have done. Faith in God requires that I relinquish faith in all else. Faith in God only exists to the exclusion of reliance on anything else in all the universe. Faith in God plus my faith is a lack of faith. Faith in God plus my obedience is a denial of faith.


Faith in God is never proven by my piety, my commitment, or my moral uprightness. Such results from my effort, not my dependence on God. Faith in God demands that we declare all of life as good and fruitful in accordance with God's plan and purpose, even the pain and our own mistakes. How could it be otherwise, if we believe in a sovereign God, one worthy of our faith?


Faith in God cannot be supplemented or activated by faith in something else, especially human ability and achievement. Faith in God involves a surrender of will. I surrender what I will do to the power and promise of what God has done and will do yet in, through, and for me.


Christianity as a institutional religion is faithless. It is an appeasement based, knowledge based, achievement based human endeavor which masquerades as faith in God. It exhibits the very opposite.


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