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The Religious Hero 1/6/18

People Are Not the Issue 1/6/18

What's Up Doc? 1/6/18

Prisoners in the Eyes of God 1/6/18

Emotional Angst and Biased Human Judgment 1/6/18

Many Different Deaths 11/25/17

The Hope of Israel 11/24/17

Thanksgiving Essentials 11/23/17

Evaluation Based on Behavior 11/18/17

God's Part and Man's Part 11/18/17

Inherently evil People 9/19/17

Why Good People Do Bad Things 9/19/17

Biblical Analogies 7/22/17

Collective Guilt 7/22/17

The Lesson of Genocide 7/14/17

Righteous Judgment? 7/14/17

The Basic Issues 6/1/17

Monotheism, Really? 6/1/17

The Promotion of Sin 6/1/17

Christian Polytheism 4/8/17

Love Is Not An Obligation 3/30/17

Wisdom, Risk, and Human Virtue 3/29/17

You Can Have It Both Ways 3/18/17

Unity and Christ 3/11/17

Is Jesus a Hero 3/5/17

Irrationality and Uncommon Sense 3/4/17

Epistemology 2/3/17

Self Fulfilling Prophecy 2/3/17

The Physical/Spiritual Distinction 2/3/17

Salvation and Works 2/3/17

Undeniable Truth 2/3/17

Exclusive World Religions 2/3/17

Ethics and Religious Dogma 2/3/17

The Essential Jesus 1/7/17

What's So Amazing About Grace? 12/8/16 

The Tree of Life 12/8/16

The Creeds 11/2916

Compulsory Ritualism 9/3/16

When Does Goodness Count? 9/3/16

The Struggle Against Evil 8/26/16

Necessary Evil 8/26/16

Monotheism and Unity 8/26/16

Legitimacy in Religion 8/26/16

Holocaust Thinking 8/13/16

Fear, Anger, and Guilt 8/6/16

There Are No Sacred Labels 8/6/16

New Is Not Better? 8/6/16

Forgiveness at Its Most Powerful 8/6/16

Is Heroism Righteous? 8/6/16

Dealing With Badness 8/6/16

The First Day of the Week 7/9/16

Christian Ethics 7/9/16

The Faith of Abraham 7/9/16

Religious Arrogance 6/11/16

Invoking God's Name in Vain 6/11/16

Painful Introspection 6/11/16

The Church and Our Culture of Violence 6/11/16

Ethical Ground Zero 6/11/16

Judged Over and Over 6/11/16

More About Grace and Mercy 6/11/16

The Bible and What I Make of It 6/11/16

The Bible and What I Need 6/11/16

















































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