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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

what is the problem



The message of Orthodox Christianity is that God is the problem, and Jesus is the solution. Though the church likes to say that Jesus saves mankind from their sins, what they really teach is that Jesus saves us from God's Wrath. Sin may be an issue, but the real deal is the threatening nature of God.


When church members admit that absent the threat of Hell they would sin to the max and really enjoy themselves, then you know they understand the orthodox message. Sin may be bad for you, but primarily because it makes God upset, not because it damages us internally here and now.


As long as Jesus rescues us from God's wrath, that will be all that really matters. Instead of dealing with sin, Jesus is really dealing with God, so sin in our lives is largely unaffected.


If Jesus shields us from God, the message of God's Love and the example of Jesus can never truly penetrate the human heart and bring about transformation. The old idea of God appeasement was never transformational before Christ, so why would we expect it to change anything afterward.


No, sin is the only issue, not God's supposed attitude problem. Mankind needs to learn to live abundantly, embracing love as the transforming agent, not fear or conformity or conflict. Abundant life isn't going to happen as long as the church reduces us to whimpering sycophants, vainly seeking fulfillment in Old Testament commitment to appeasement.