Sjolander Road Fellowship

Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

it's about life and death



Righteous does not mean acceptable to God. It does mean living right.


Salvation does not mean being rescued from God. It does mean being rescued from a troubled mind and heart by a new concept of right living.


There is no salvation which doesn’t affect my mind and heart at all. I don’t become saved so I can then experience a change of heart. I become transformed  in mind and heart and then I experience salvation.


How can I be saved and not experience peace, freedom, and abundant living as promised by Jesus? To accept that these blessings exist only in an indiscernible spiritual realm renders them irrelevant as far as many are concerned.


I believe that the peace of which Jesus spoke is largely peace of mind. Freedom from the anxiety we feel about physical death is a large part of  peace of mind. But is that all? Most religions promise some sort of hereafter existence which tends to ameliorate the fear of death. Any  suggestion of an afterlife holds the possibility that death is merely a transition to something better.


However, my  peace of mind is equally about why I am here in the first place, what is my purpose in this life, and how should I deal with each situation and relationship I experience? What are the life principles which work for me to be happy and fulfilled? How can I feel good about myself and others? Any salvation which fails to deliver on these questions and equip me to live fully here and now is woefully deficient.


Dealing with death is only half the answer. How do I deal with life?