Sjolander Road Fellowship

Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

a certain Uncertainty



What we should all probably admit is that we know nothing about God with absolute certainty. Yes, we read some descriptions in the Bible, but no one can prove beyond a doubt that those words are correct or understood correctly. Basically, all believers in the divine must operate on faith, assuming that their personal understanding is accurate but having no concrete means to be certain.


As we live our lives and experience what we experience, including what others say about God, we may gain a high degree of confidence in our own understanding of God; but that level of certainty does not translate to others. They have their own experiences and developed opinions.


For those committed to a dogmatic religion, one that demands acceptance by everyone, this reality is a real problem. That is doubly so, if as part of my understood religious responsibility, I must personally persuade or coerce others into that dogmatic religion. In that case I must sell an unprovable story to a wildly skeptical humanity.


One can immediately see the frustration and angst which such a commission would engender in those who feel so obligated. It is so easy for those in this untenable religious position to express contempt for those who do not or cannot accept the required dogma. The inherently weak appeal of such religion to very many people must be explained and justified somehow. What better way than to assess willful ignorance and other base motives to those who cannot or will not believe like me.


It would be a lot better on all of us, if collectively, we could accept that our religious beliefs are uncertain, if not to us, to others. There is probably no way to properly communicate God and the divine in mere words in the base case. Expecting others to succumb to our religious instruction and adhere to our religious requirements is a false hope, doomed to generate nothing but frustration and animosity.