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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

A dangerous lover



Some years ago I read a book in which the authors concluded that the existence of predatory animals was one of the ways that nature confirmed that God is dangerous. They further speculated that the real problem exhibited by Adam in the account of the fall was that Adam had not done is male dominant duty in protecting Eve from the serpent. Adam, they suggested was not aggressive enough. He should have killed the serpent. I found the premise of these writers to be very revealing and pertinent to our cultural environment and turmoil.


For a fact, Christian Orthodoxy teaches a dangerous, wrathful God. Christianity's preoccupation. whether starkly stated or merely implied as part of their salvation story, with a final judgment and resulting eternal torment is proof enough. Of course, the institutional church attempts to temper God's dangerousness with a countervailing focus on His love for mankind. Thus, the God of Orthodoxy is both loving and wildly threatening. This is the God concept that has been taught in western civilization for millennia with devastating effect on our cultural psyche.


Given this view of the Divine, little that we witness and experience and then bemoan in our current events or national history should come as a surprise. Those who have been raised to believe in the congruity of a dangerous lover will fall victim to all sorts of aberrant behavior.


When we routinely read about domestic violence within marriages with the resulting carnage, like the recent church shooting, we don't need to wonder about the cause. It is not the existence of pure evil or satanic otherworldly powers. Such events naturally follow when people have been indoctrinated with a theology which inexplicably mixes divine love and hate, promised peace and required warfare, heavenly bliss and never ending horror. It's a perfect religious formula for mental derangement and resulting violent behavior.