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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

a fence around god



Anyone ever noticed how determined the church is on limiting access to God? Throughout its history the church has erected doctrinal fences to deny an individual's right to approach God on their own. You have to do it the church way or else. Of course, in addition to the fence around God the church has a well guarded fence around themselves. They wouldn't want any unseemly folks to spoil their exclusive status before God.


All this insistence on limitation and segregation does is bolster the self importance of those in the church, especially the leadership hierarchy. Of course, ordinary members can also easily get caught up in the exercise of self congratulation over their exalted spiritual status. The entire mindset of insular groups like these is corrosive to decent behavior. Words and deeds which simple courtesy would normally disallow become perfectly acceptable under the paradigm of the righteous us versus the rest of humanity. Such is the basic ingredient behind every war ever fought or evil deed ever done.


A divine requirement that men embrace a theology of segregation and conflict amounts to an endorsement of human warfare. Most will notice that no one is more enamored with military service than many in the church. In fact, they routinely draw a parallel between the national warrior and Jesus, in terms of self sacrifice. The fact that Jesus stressed humility, love, and strength through weakness seems to matter not at all in these comparisons.


The exaltation of the warrior mentality can only be maintained if the world remains divided into the chosen of God, the church, and everyone else. Therefore the fence around God becomes an essential doctrinal element, allowing and even promoting this "them versus us" thinking, despite the universal nature of Jesus and His message.


It has been said that fences make good neighbors. Well, not so much in this case. Folks on one side of the fence are too fond of throwing theological bombs over the fence, trying alternatively to lure folks to their side or keeping them from getting too near.