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age of accountability


Can a child become a Christian before the age of accountability? Seemingly not. That fact, coupled with inability to define accountability and when it occurs, means that under the Orthodox Christian understanding children are unavoidably exposed to the danger of dying unsaved, depending, at least in part, on how long they live. That length of life corresponds to the number of chances they have to be saved.


Children who die before the age of accountability are saved already without their personal involvement. Children who expire shortly after the accountable age are likely to be lost, having few opportunities to be saved or to recognize their new accountable state. It seems unlikely that a child or his or her parents wake up some morning suddenly recognizing that accountability has been reached. The conundrums associated with these details surrounding the age of accountability issue explain why the church and its ministers never touch this subject except to pass it by quickly and vaguely, often simply referencing their confidence in God's essential fairness. Lost in this reasoning is the essential unfairness of Christian exclusiveness, in general. The young are far from the only ones with no real opportunity to become good Christians.