Sjolander Road Fellowship

Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

All Seekers should take heart

Some people seek to embrace a grander, more noble picture of God and desire to do so within the context of the Bible. Others recognize the existence of that God and do so without reference to the Bible at all. Theirs is simply an intuitive understanding of how God would operate if He represents the transformative power of divine Love in the universe. This later group is fortunate in the respect that there is no need for them to overcome the effect of previous orthodox indoctrination.


Countless numbers of people in both these categories in all ages have recognized the totally benevolent God of unconditional Love, but until recently the combined forces of orthodoxy, both ecclesiastical and secular, have always been able to suppress the voices of these “non-believers”. In our day that is no longer possible because the voices of change and the means of communication are just too powerful.


The first group described above can now take heart, knowing that the Bible does not have to be interpreted to support the reprehensible depiction of God that the traditional church has historically fostered. Despite the effects of orthodox teachings, which are especially strong in the minds and hearts of those raised in traditional churches, a significant number of church goers are boldly challenging the questionable aspects of their church heritage and beginning to demand open discussion of the issues and a real re-evaluation of historical doctrinal positions.


The second group, those desiring to know God intimately but subjectively, can be confident that their intuitive, extra biblical knowledge of a totally benevolent God is just as valid as that same understanding derived from the scriptures. In fact, the intuitive insights of this group are often infinitely more enlightened than those of the traditional church. An intuitive depiction of God which magnifies the grandeur and majesty of God far beyond that of Orthodoxy can never be deficient to that of Orthodoxy. No human concept of God can possibly be more marvelous than He actually is. The best anyone can imagine is far short of His reality.