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Am I Saved by Imperfect faith?

For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves…. Ephesians 2:8


If we are saved by faith, what kind of faith is required? What constitutes saving faith? This has been a nagging question down through the centuries. Is my faith good enough to be saving faith? What happens when my faith falters, as it always does?


I have heard many attempts to explain faith and to answer the basic questions raised, but they have always been a little muddled. There is head faith and heart faith. There is the faith of the devils that causes them to tremble. Some say that the measure of faith is the works it produces in the faithful. If you show the marks of being a Christian then your faith is the saving type. If not, it’s a fake. This last measure is sure to keep the aspiring faithful in a state of spiritual ambiguity, constantly hoping that they can measure up to the church standards and thereby see evidence that their faith is acceptable to God.


I go back to the initial question. What type faith brings redemption? How about perfect faith? Perfect faith certainly ought to meet the requirement. Of course, given my admission to an occasional doubt, perfect faith seems unattainable; and I would appear to be back in a quandary. Then again, if perfect faith is saving faith, whose faith could possibly be in view? How about that of Christ, the one who provides all the perfection that mankind could ever need?


These questions always logically come back to the same vital point. I am weak and He is strong. I rely on His strength, faith, and perfection to insure my own. I can’t. He can. I fail. He cannot, because Love never fails.