Sjolander Road Fellowship

Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

an all in all god



 God infuses all of creation with His essence. This thought is as scriptural as the Psalms and the Prophets who routinely proclaimed the creation, at large, as a reflection of God. Traditional Christians may scoff at this notion, associating it with paganism, but that is simply because their theology says the creation and mankind are condemned to destruction because of evil.


Ancient cultures like that of the native Americans, who saw God in all of nature, were actually right on target, in my mind. God is not and never was some being or entity separate and removed from the creation. Instead He is and always has been integral to everything we see. Mankind can no more separate itself from God than I can remove myself from the universe.


That which symbolizes or points to God is necessarily divine in some sense or degree. Otherwise the symbolism would fail. An all in all God is in all that is because He is all that was.