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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

Emotional angst and biased human judgment



The feelings of guilt, anxiety, and inadequacy which are so prevalent in our society are attributed by some to our general Christian theology which emphasizes that we are tremendous malefactors, that God is upset with us, and we are powerless to overcome our inadequacies. However, I believe there is a more basic root cause. It is the knowledge of good and evil which we have been taught is essential to being a good person, even though that knowledge was forbidden to man in the biblical account.


The unfortunate reality is that we relish the knowledge of good and evil as a weapon against each other, a convenient tool to justify or even sanctify whatever we choose to do in opposition to or in competition with others. Unwittingly though, when we use our limited knowledge to condemn and oppress others, we generate all these negative emotions in relationship to our own self image. Subconsciously, we realize that the accusations we bring against others generally apply equally to ourselves. Jesus warned us about this. Judge not that ye be not judged. He wasn't alluding to God's displeasure and resulting condemnation. He was simply pointing out that as we judge others, we apply the same judgment to ourselves.


Human judgments are always biased because they derive from personal conditioning and very limited knowledge. Noting this inevitable bias is trivial, akin to pointing out that the sun came up today; and suggesting it could or should be otherwise is baseless. The Tree of Knowledge did not impart omniscience, but it absolutely did insure bias in every one of us.