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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

Another Bumper Sticker

In a recent television interview I heard a lady author described a bumper sticker she had seen in Texas. The sticker read: God loves you just the way you are but too much to leave you that way. Doesn’t that sentiment make a lot more sense than what we normally hear?

Conventional wisdom teaches that life is a test and we must struggle to gain God’s love. The alternative stated in this bumper sticker is that God’s love is guaranteed and that life is an evolutionary process. It suggests that God subtly nudges each of us along the road toward the realization of the full potential He has invested in us as His offspring. Instead of earning a merit badge in this life we are learning how to live correctly by living badly and then gradually growing in wisdom. The learning process is admittedly sloppy with many digressions, but that is the way of love. Love requires that God give us some space. Love is not about controlling; it is all about nurturing. It provides guidance but primarily through its example and not its instructions.

Finally, love is relentless. It never fails as Paul states. The work of love may be slow and mysterious in many of its aspects but ultimately it succeeds. You are a work in progress, and God will not leave you unfinished.