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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

the anti-intellectual church



Orthodox Christianity places great emphasis on knowledge. One must acquire, affirm, and respond to the truth as proclaimed by the church. That is the reason the church stresses the Bible, as the source of divine knowledge and the practice of church instruction as the way to acquire knowledge. Because of the complex nature of the Bible, including as it does elements of history, narrative, allegory, poetry, and prophecy, the knowledge to be acquired is not transparent. Thus the church adds its interpretation of the Bible to its instruction.


Despite this emphasis on essential knowledge and proper interpretation, the church paradoxically also engages in opposition to the broader spectrum of recognized knowledge. Thus, we see church leaders directing their membership to avoid contact with knowledge sources which may, directly or indirectly, contradict church doctrine. One must be exposed to church sponsored knowledge and protected from anything that challenges church truth or the interpretation of those truths.


By so narrowly limiting the inquiry of their members, the church becomes anti-knowledge while claiming salvation by knowledge. Knowledge is important but not if it causes you to think and question church knowledge.