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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love


appalling Love




It is not uncommon to hear a Christian express horror at the suggestion that God's Love is unconditional. Unconditional love would have no exceptions, meaning that even the most despicable person we could imagine would enjoy its benefit.


Everyday we hear about someone doing some wickedness which our minds say must result ultimately in some form of punishment. At the same time we tend to believe that many of these malefactors will get off scot free unless we can count on God to keep score and insure that everyone gets their just due. Thus, to the human mind, the idea that God is not the maintainer of our own concept of justice is totally unacceptable.


Incongruously, within Christian Orthodoxy, we are asked to accept as perfectly appropriate, i.e. not at all appalling, that the kindest, most honest person we know who has never embraced Christianity will suffer eternal torment at the hands of God. Rarely within the message of Christianity does anyone openly express horror at this outcome. Apparently, God's Love can be too great for comfort, but His demand for justice never can be.


Does anyone see the evident working of the fruits of the flesh in all this very human reasoning?  Nothing in all this thought process reflects any ideas which don't come straight out of the human ego. I doubt that is the true source of the divine wisdom known as the mind of Christ.