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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

Article Index




A Biblical Approach to a Personal Faith

A Binary Theology

A Certain Uncertainty

A Dangerous Lover

A Different Kind of Religious Violence?

A Differentiated People 

A Dramatic Lack of Faith

A Faith That Fits

A Fence Around God

A Few Good Men

A God Who Can't Get It Right 

A Greater, Deeper Understanding

A Hateful Message

A Lack of Faith

A Literal Tree?

A Minimalist Gospel

A Nation of Laws

A Nice Idea But.. 

A Personal God

A Question of Sovereignty

A Sin Obsessed People 

A Second Moses?

A Stark Contrast

A Synopsis of the Word

A Worthless Love

AA Meeting Wisdom 

The Absurdity of Jesus

All Lives Matter

An All in All God

An Alternative Seeker's Methodology

An Anthropomorphic Concept of God

An Emotionally Positive Salvation

An Unchanging God

Angry or Not

Anointed Ones 

The Abortion Issue and Its Overtones

The Abortion Issue Revisited

Abraham Dickers with God

Abortion from a Jewish Perspective

Abundant Life Coach

Acts of Obedience or Works of Righteousness

Age of Accountability

Addressing Biblical Inconsistencies

The Advantage of Multi-Linguists

The Age of Transition: Past, Present, and Yet Future

Aging Gracefully and Dying Well

All Good

All Have Sinned

All the Law and Prophets 

All Scripture is Instructive

All Seekers Should Take Heart

The Allure of Expository Preaching

The Allure of the Past

Am I My Brother's Keeper?

Am I Saved by Imperfect Faith? 

The Amalgamation of Church and State

Amazing Grace is not a Plan 

The Amazing Story of Paul

American Exceptionalism

American Identity

Amorphous Identity

Analyzing the Bible


Another Bumper Sticker 

Another Foolishness

Another Funeral

Another Perspective

The Antichrists


Anti-Intellectual Church



Appalling Love 


Are God and Man Mutual Enemies?

Does the Bible Make You God's Agent? 


Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?

Are You Talking to Me? 

Are Jesus and the Church Inseparable? 


Are the Jews Exceptional?

Are There Any Real Atheists?


Are We Afraid to Love? 


Are You a Christian?


Arrested Development 


The Artificial High 


Artistic Inspiration


As Ye Have Done to the Least






Atheism, the Last Resort


Atonement Theories 


Attack Theology 


Attitude and Our Theology


The Authentic You 


Authoritative Religion 


Axioms and Belief Systems 


Backward Leads Forward


Bad Behavior, Bad People 


The Basic Issues


The Basic Moral Issue


The Basis for Belief 


The Basis for Judgment 


Basis for Identity 


Be Ye Perfect 


Beauty and Perfection 


Been There


The Beginning of the Salvation Story


Believing the Unbelievable


The Beloved Lost Among Us


The Best and All the Rest 


Beyond Millennial Theories


The Bible and What I Make of It


The Bible and What I Need


Bible Authority 


Bible Basics


The Bible is not a Prop 


Bible Poetry Revisited 


Bible Prophecy- Past of Future


Bible Presentation 


The Bible Seen Through Foreign Eyes


Bible Study 


Bible Translations 




Bible One-liners


The Bible, the Christian Idol


Bible Vernacular


Biblical Analogies


Biblical Misdirection 


The Bifurcation of God


The Big Lie 


Billy Graham's Daughter 




The Birthright 


Blessedness and a Thankful Heart 


Blessings and Curses 




The Book Made Me Do It 


Border Control 


Bottom Up or Top Down Christianity 


The Bunker Mentality of the Church


But for Grace


But What About This?


But What Does It Mean? 


By One Man Came Death Twice


By Their Fruits Ye Shall Know Them 


Called to Be a Mystic


Called to Greatness


Called Versus Uncalled 


Calvinisim, Arminianism, and Universal Salvation 


Can a Logical Absurdity be Proven?


Can a Madman Damn Eternally


Can God Be Trusted? 


Can I Make God Fail? 


Can I Make Love Fail? 


Can Love Bring a Curse 


Can Men Broker God's Acceptance


Can Unrighteousness Serve the Cause of Righteousness? 


Can We Love a God We Also Fear?


Can We Take Jesus Too Seriously?


Carnal or Spiritual? 


Carrot or Stick 


The Cause of Blindness 


The Challenge of the Bible


Chastening of the Lord 


Cheap Grace, Cheap Love




Children of a Lesser God


The Children of God 


The Chosen of God


Christ Without the Church 


The Christian Anthology


The Christian Candidate 


Christian Conspiracy Theory 


Christian Ethics


Christian Ministry 


Christian Polytheism


Christian or Jewish Values?


The Christian Roots of the USA


Christianity Lite


Christianity: the Two Sided Coin 


Christianity's Basic Dilemma 


Christian Orthodoxy- Simply Tradition


Christian Virtue 


The Church and Deadly Force 


The Church and the Kingdom


The Church and Our Culture of Violence


The Church and the U.S. Government 


The Church at Ephesus 


Church Apostacy 


Church Dismissal 


Church Free Christianity 


Church Grace Versus Graciousness 


The Church in Politics


Church Insanity


The Church is not the Source of Enlightenment 


The Church Obligation 


Church Suicide 




Church Tyranny 


The Church Will Change 


The Church's Interpretation 


Clarifying Scriptures 


The Clarity of the Bible


Clash of Fundamentallisms


Clear or Cloudy 




Collective Benevolence 


Collective Guilt


Combatting Terrorism


Comeuppance for Rouges and Grace for Me


Commandments and Admonitions 


Common Language 


Commonsense Religion


Commonsense Will Send You to Hell


Compassion or Common Sense 


Compelling Evidence 


Competition or Cooperation- Rooted in Eschatology


Compulsory Ritualism


Concern ad Empathy for Human Suffering 


The Concept of Love


The Concept of Righteousness




Condemn or Condone


Conditional Love Is No Love


Confession and Forgiveness 


Confirming Inadequacy 




The Confounding of the Languages 




Conflict Aversion 


Conflicting Voices 


Confrontational Christianity


Confusing as Hell 


"Connect the Dots" Theology


Connection to the Spiritual 


Connection with "I Am" 


The Controversy About Prayer in the Public Schools


Conscious or Unconscious 


Consistently Inconsistent


Contradictory Passages


The Continuity of the True Church




The Conversion Gospel


Converting the Contemptible 


Converting the Enemy


The Corporate Nature of God's Covenants


Count Your Blessings 


Counter Intuitive Truth 


Covenant and Promise 


The Creeds


The Creedal Approach to the Bible


Cries of Heresy 


Criminal Assault 


Cultural Dilution by Non-Christians


Cursing Up a Storm


The Daily Challenge of Consistency 


Darwinian Theology 


Dealing with Badness 


Dealing With Doubt 


Dealing with Skepticism


Dead to the World 


The Death of Hell


Death- Ultimate Transformation 


Debating the Truth 


Deciphering Jesus 


Declare Your Faith 


The Defining Tenets of Faith


The Definition of a Christian


Definition of Righteousness 


The Deity of Jesus


Demanding Love


Democracy and Evangelical Christianity


Democracy or Theocracy 


Despite Toxic Religion 


Despots and Religious Doctrine 


Destruction is Too Ordinary


The Devil is in the Details


The Devil's Own Lie


Dialogue With Myself


Did Jesus Die in Vain? 


Did Jesus Destroy the Law?


Different Metaphors 




Disgraceful Grace 


Dissenting Thoughts 


The Divine Character


Divine Judgment?


Divine Relationship 


Divine Revelation 


Divine Right of Kings 


Divinely Inspire Poetry 


The Diversion of Hell 


Did Jesus and Paul Establish a New Religion? 


Did Jesus Come to Save Us from God?


Disunity in the Christian Community


Do I Believe the Bible?


Do We Really Want a "Rambo" God?


Do Words Matter? 


Do You Believe Every Word in the Bible?


Does God Expect Us to be What We are Not?


Does God Have a Right to Be Upset? 


Does Judgment Triumph Over Love?


Does Love Given Mean Love Required?


Does the Golden Rule Apply in Heaven?


Doing and Being 


Dogmatic Religion 


Don't Confuse Jesus and the Church


Door to Door Evangelism


Don't Try to Understand God 


Dr King's Wisdom 


Doctrinaire Indoctrination 


Doing and Undoing 


Double Down on Failure 




Duality in the Garden of Eden


The Early Church Example 


Earthly or Hereafter Life


Easter versus Christmas 


Eastern Orthodoxy's View of Sin 


Ecclesiastical Hissy Fits


The Effect of Hell


Effective Church Communications


Egotistical Spirituality 


Either Or


Elegant Counter Intuitiveness


The Element of Happenstance in My Eternal Destiny


Eliminate My Enemies


Eliminate the Silence


The Elusive Spirit of Christmas


Emotional Angst and Biased Human Judgment


The End of Partisanship 


The End of the World- A Public Service Announcement 


Endless Fight 


The Enemy


Environmental Pollution 




Escaping Orthodoxy


Essential Doubt


Essential Faith


The Essential Jesus


Essential Truth 


The Essentiality of Death 


Eternal Security 


Ethical Ground Zero


Ethics and Religious Dogma


The Ethics of Jesus


Evangelical Basis 


Evangelical Majesty 


Evangelical Numbers 


Evangelism and Hellfire


Evaluation Based on Behavior


Ever Wonder 


Evil and Its Motivation 


Evolving Knowledge and Understanding


Exceptions and Other Incongruities 


Exceptions Are Critically Important


Exclusive in the Eyes of God


Exclusive World Religions


Experiencing the Divine 


Expository Preaching


The Eyedropper 


Faith and Jesus 


Faith and Optimism 


Faith in God Exclusively 


Faith in Jesus


Faith in What?


Faith is Demonstrated in Disobedience 


Faith Like Abraham's 


The Faith of Abraham


The Faith of Christ 


Faith of Our Fathers 


Faith of Various Kinds


Faith That Comforts


Faith Without Love 


Faith Without Works 


The Fall 


The False Dichotomy


The False Narrative




Family Unity 


Family Values


Fascination With Prophesy


Favorite Sins


Fear, Anger, and Guilt 


Fear Enslaves 


Fear Factor


Fear and Salvation


Fear, Safety, and Peace of Mind 


Fear of Freedom


The First Day of the Week


Follow the Money 


The Foolishness of Preaching


For Goodness' Sake 


Forgiven But Not Perfect


Forgiveness and Making Enemies


Forgiveness at Its Most Powerful


Forgiveness Without Repentance 


Forgotten Is Better Than Forgiven


Form and Reform 


Free Will: Fact or Fiction


Freedom and Security 


Freedom of Religion 


Freedom of Speech 


Funerals Reflect Our Real Theology


Fundamental Elitism


Freedom from Religion 


Freedom is not Free


Freedom Through Grace


From Grace to Grace 






The Genius of G.K. Chesterton 




Gettysburg Address 


Give Me That Oldtime Religion


The Glory of Grace 


Glory of Unity 


God and Politics 


God Bless Us Every One


God Could Have Created Robots


The God Defined As Love


God Doesn't Make Any Junk


God, Guns, and Greed 


God's Beloved- the Purpose Behind Creation


The God Fearing 


God's Message to the World 


God's Part and Man's Part


God's Unconditional Love 


God's Will or Pure Chance


God's Words 


The God of Ultimate Humility 


God's Opinion


God Instilled Unbelief 


God Is 


God is Too Big


God or the Book


God Sanctioned Arogance 


The God Who Can Forgive Anything


The God You Never Knew


God's Final Judgment Was Just te Beginning


The God in a Box Syndrome 


God of Grace and God of Glory 


God's Plan for Unity 


God' Purpose in Creation 


God's True Majesty 


God's Word


Godly Genocide


Godly or Godlike 


Good and Bad Manipulation 


Good, Bad and Ugly 


Good Church People 


The Gospel According to Oprah


The Gospel is a Proclamation


Government by Religious Dogma 


Grace Is Not More Law By Another Name 


Grace and the Associated Nature


Grace Reexamined


Gratitude or a Sense of Accomplishment? 


Great is Thy Faithfulness


Growth Beyond Christianity 


Guided by the Golden Rule 


The Halloween Addiction 


Handling Hell 


Have You Been Saved?


Has Hope Been Lost? 


Hate Sin But Love the Sinner


Hate Sin but Love the Sinner (Part 2)


Hate the Haters 


Having It Both Ways 


He Definitely Protests Too Much


He Who Struggled with God 


Heap Coals of Fire on His Head


Hell Inspired Hissy Fit 


Hell is not Optional 


Hell is Real


Hell on Earth


Help My Unbelief 


Help My Unbelief (2)


Here's How to Get Your Free Gift




Hero Worship 




Highway to Hell 


His Mercy Endureth Forever


The History Book 


The History of the Institutional Church


Hocus, Pocus Christianity 


Holocaust Denial


Holocaust Thinking


Honest Error or Willful Misrepresentation? 


Honest People, Different Opinions 


Honor a Lesser God 


The Hope of Israel


The Horror Show


How Could I?


How Could He?


How Did We Get the Bible? 


How Flexible is Our Theology


How Good is Good Enough?


How Lame Is That? 


How Light is the Burden? 


How Shall They Hear? 


How to Interpret Inconsistency 


How to Overcome Evil 


How to Recognize False Teachers 


How to Treat God


How's it Working?


Humble or Ruthless?


Human Government 


Human Potential


Human Suffering 


I Am Not Defined by My Past 


I am What I am Because You Loved Me


I'd Rather be an Atheist


I Believe in You


I Don't Like It But.....


I Have No Choice


I Live in the Aisle


I Was Born to Be Somebody 


The Idea of Community 


Identifying and Defining the Questions


Identity Theft 


Idle Hands Idle Mind 






If Jesus is Coming Back, Why is He Coming?


If Not in My Lifetime, When?


If Hell is Real, Nothing Else Matters 


If Obedience is Necessary.. 


If You Don'tr Like Change, You Can't Enjoy the Kingdom


The "Iffyness" of God


Illegal Fruit


I'll Show Them; I'll Hurt Me


An Imposing Deity


Imprecatory Psalms 


The "In" Words 


In the Image of God 


Inadequacy and Unworthiness


Inclusion, Equality, Freedom 


Inconsistency and Hypocrisy 


The Inconsistency of Human Judgment


The Inconsistency of Jesus 


The Independent Truth 


Indirect Evangelism 


Individual Faith 


Individual and Collective Judgment


Indivisible "All" 




Ineffective Message 




Inescapable Truth 


Inferred Truth 


Ingratiating with God


Inherently Evil People


Initiator of Hell 


Inner Peace and Self-Improvement thru the Grace of God




The Importance of Humanity


Insisting on the Incomprehensible 




The Inspiration Trap 


Inspired Poetry 


Internal versus External Motivation 


Invoking God's Curse


Inspired or Inspirational


Instantaneous Salvation 


The Institutional Church


The Institutional Church and the Sovereignty of God


Integrity and Humility


Inventing Enemies 


Invoking God's Name in Vain


Irksome Bible "Thumping" 


The Irony of Mothers' Day 


Irrationality and Uncommon Sense


Is America a Christian Nation?


Is Anger a Fruit of the Spirit?


Is Christianity Defined by the Ten Commandments?


Is Confusion God Ordained?  


Is God a Poet?


Is Heroism Righteous?


Is Love Measured by Conformance? 


Is Our Will Free? 


Is Righteousness Its Own Reward?


Is the Church Opposed to and by Science?


Is God on an Ego Trip? 


Is Religious Freedom Scriptural?


Is Salvation Available to All? 


Is the Truth Evident? 


Is There Any Wonder?


The Issue of Language 


Issues, Issues, Issues 


It Doesn't Have to Make Sense 


It Naturally Follows


It's About Life and Death


It's All About Ethics 


It's All about Repentance


It's Mysterious


It's Only My Opinion


It's Simple But it's Not Easy 


It's Your Choice 


It's Your Own Fault 


It is not My Purpose to be Different


Jargon and Non-Answers 


Jefferson Bethke 


Jesus and Sexual Sins 


Jesus and Terrorism 


Jesus Rejects Church Sponsored Piety 


Jesus Saves from Hell


Jesus Saves From What?


Jesus Versus God 


The Jewish Exception 


Jewish Only Message 


Job and the Myth of Certainty 


John Wayne 


The Joy of Community 


Judge Not That Ye Be Not Judged for Judging


Judge Righteous Judgment 


Judged Over and Over


Judging and Opposing 


Judging by the Fruit 


Judging is Problematic 


Judgment According to Works 


Judgment and Destruction 


Just Kill Them All


Justifying the Church 


Justifying the Unjustifiable


The Key to Orthodoxy 


Kindness to Criminals 


The Kingdom and Its Blessings 


Know It Alls 




Knowing Jesus While not Knowing Jesus 


Knowing the Truth


Knowledge Based Religion


Known by Jesus 


Labels Are So Handy


The Last Days


Latter Day Saints 




Law and Ethics 


The Law as an Excuse


The Law and the Golden Rule


The Law, the Great Equalizer 


Layman with an Open "Mike" 


Legal or Moral 


Legalism and Love


Legitimacy in Religion


The Lesson of Disobedience 


The Lesson of Genocide


Let the Angels Speak All Year 


Let's Brag on God for a Change


Let's Face It


Let's Get Rid of Jesus 


Let's Put Christ Back Into Christianity


Liberalism- the Orthodox Bugaboo


Limits of Religious Freedom 


Literal Bible?


Literal Diversion 




Literally True


Living in Fulfilled Times


Living in God's Presence


Living Water


Logical Inconsistencies 


Lopsided Lawyers 


Lord, Reign in Me 


Lost and Found 


Loud, Proud Christianity


Love Analysis


Love and Faith 


Love and Freedom Without Risk 


Love and Order 


Love and Self Interest 


The Love Chapter


Love is a Decision 


Love Is Not An Obligation


Love with Abandon 

Love Without Basis


Love Your Enemies


Maintenance of Orthodoxy




Marked Contrast 


Man Up, Jesus 


The Manhood Gold Standard 


Man's Purpose- God's Glory 


Many Different Deaths


The Mark of Allegiance 


Marketing Strategy 


The Marks of a Christian


The Meaning of Death 


The Meaning of Jesus' Death 


The Meaning of Salvation 


Men in the Making 


Mental and Theological Deficiency


Mercy, Then Grace


The Message and MIssion of Jesus


Metaphors of God's Work in Christ


Mind Reader 


Mind Reading


Misplaced Emphasis


Mixing Old and New


Monastic Christianity 


Monotheism and Unity


Monotheism, Really?


The Moral/Spiritual Conundrum 


More About Grace and Mercy


More on the Message and Mission of Jesus 


Moses Demands, Jesus Invites 


Moses or Jesus


Moses Over Jesus


The Motivation Behind Conversion? 


The Motivation for Doing Good


Motivation to Salvation 


Must I Believe What I Know?


The Multi-faceted Bible


Mutual Diminishment 


My Favorite Parts of the Bible 


Mystery and Confusion 


The Mystery of Life Circumstances


Mystery of Salvation 


Mysticism Versus Western Rationalism 


Narrow Minded Openness 


The Nature of Condemnation 


The National Mindset 


Necessary Evil


Necessary Inferences


Necessary Political/Religious Evil


Never Ask Why 


The New Bible


New Is Not Better?


New Wine in Old Skins


No Certainty, No Security 


No One Left Behind


"Nones" in Heaven


No Respecter of Persons 


No Room for Humility


The Noble Bereans 


Nominal Christian 


Not Quite So Amazing Grace 


Not So Good News 


Not Worth a Plugged Nickel


Nothing but Jesus


Nothing Can Nullify the Promise of God 


Obey Versus Honor 


The Occasional Honest Admission 


Oh, How I Love Jesus


One Nation Under God 


The Old Covenant and the Nation of Israel


The Old Testament and New Testament Dichotomy? 


The Old Testament's Place in the Scheme of God 


Olivet Discourse Comparison Updated




The Only Christian Around Here 


Only the Fearless Can Be Free


Operating in the Flesh 


The "Opinionator"


Opposing Evil


The Opposite of Faith 


Opposition to Evil 


Order from Chaos 


Orthodoxy and the Translation of the Bible


Our Concept of God 


Our God Relationship


Overcome Evil with Good 


Overlapping Realms 


Painful Introspection


Paul's Euphoria 


Paradox and Literalism 


Parsing the Sacred Document 


Part of the Institutional Church


Partisanship and the Church 


Partisanship and Disunit


Pay the Piper 


Peace on Earth


Peace on God's Terms 


People Are Not the Issue


Perfect Knowledge 


Perfectly Understandable 


The Pernicious Doctrine of Eternal Punishment


Persecution Distinguishes the Believer 


Personal Conundrum 


Personal Faith 


Personal Religious Convictions


Persuasion or Coercion 


Philosophy and Religion 


The Physical/Spiritual Distinction


Pity the Poor Preacher


Platitudinous Religion


The Pliable Bible




Pointing to God 


The Poison in the Garden 


Political Correctness versus Religious Correctness


Political Correctness and the Golden Rule


Politics and Religion 


Politics is Theology 


The Polytheism of Christian America 


Positively Negative 


Power in the Blood 


The Power of Forgiveness 


Power of the Gospel


Power of Narrative


Powerful But Weak 


The Practice of Proof-texting


Pragmatic Sins 




Prayer- Public or Private?


Prayer- Private Conversation or Public Monolog? 


The Praying Pharisee 


Preachers, Theologicans, and Anti-Intellectualism


Preterism, A Fulfilled Understanding of Prophecy


Priority of Duties 


Prisoners in the Eyes of God


Prisoners of the Past


The Problem with Legal Systems


The Problem with the Truth 


Process or Promise? 


Processing the Bible


Progress and Virtue 


Progressives and Traditionalists


Promoting Spiritual Community 


The Promotion of Sin




Prosperity Gospel 


Prove You Are a Christian 


The Power of Positive Thinking


Prayer and Its Place in the New Covenant Age 


Praying in Jesus' Nam


Proof and Procedure 




The Publicly Fallen


Public Versus Private Christianity


The Purpose of Judgment 


The Pursuit of Self Interest 


Qué Será Será


The Question of Nobility 


Questions of Trust, Worth, and Unity 


The Question Why 


Quick Fix Religion 


Radical Christianity 


Radical Forgiveness


Random Interpretation 


Random or Intentional


Randomness- the Context for Pre-destination


Real Bible Student 


The Real Consequences


Real Grace 


The Real Jesus


Real Inspiration 


The Real Moral Relativism 


Real Righteousness 


Reaping and Sowing 


The Reason for the Season


Reasoning about Free Will




Recipe for Righteousness 


Recognizing and Dealing with Enemies 




Reconciliation and Transformation and the Message of God for the 21st Century


The Reconciliation of Mankind and Societal Transformation 


The Rescue Complex 

Redefining Truth Absolutely 


Redemptive Violence and Christian Theology


Redefining Sin 


Rejection- Proof and Practice


Rejecting the Message 




Relativism and Absolute Truth 


Relentless Fulfillment 


Religion and Philosophy 

Religion and Spirituality 


Religious Arrogance


Religious Bigotry 


Religious Bullies 


Religious Empathy


Religious Finger Pointing 


Religious Fluff


The Religious Hero


Religious Instructors


Religious Maverick 


Religious Standards 


Religiously Inspired Hatefulness 


Religiously Inspired Sin 


Religiously Significant 


Religious Surrogates


Renounce or Condemn 


Resist the Church 


Respect for Authority 


Respectable Sins 


Respecting God




The Resurrection- Part 1


The Resurrection- Part 2


The Resurrection- Part 3


Resurrection Life 


Rethink Church 


Rethink the Human Animal 




The Revelation of God 




Right Back at You 


The Right Must Be Mighty 


The Right Realisits 


Righteous Evil 


Righteous Indignation 


Righteous Judgment?


Righteous Killing


Righteous Warfare 




Righteousness by the Law 


Righteousness by Obedience 


Righteousness by Right Doctrine


Righteousness Rightly Defined 


Risk Takers


The Road to Heaven 


The Road to Reality 


The Role of the Bible


The Role of Faith


The Role of Human Government


The Role of Human Logic in Divine Revelation 


The Role of Human Reasoning in Orthodox Christianity 


The Role of Self Sacrifice 


The Route to Glory 


Rule by Christian Principle


Rules of Engagement


Rules of Religion 


Sacred Birthrights and  Democratic Ideals


Sacred Documents 


Sacred Duties 


The Sacrifice of the Body 


Sacrificing to God




Safe in the Arms of Love


Salvation and Works


Salvation by Obedience 


Salvation by Ritualism


Salvation in Diversity


Salvation is God's Business 


Same Bible- Different Viewpoint


Same Song, Another Verse 


Satan's Role as God's Foil


Satan, Anti-Christs, and the Carnal Mind 


Saved by the Bible


Saved from What?


Saved Without Consent 


The Scandal Problem


The Scent of a Woman 


The Security Crisis 


The Security of the Believer


Security or Righteousness? 


Self Fulfilling Prophecy


Self Righteousness


Self Sacrifice




Separation- How is That Possible?


The Separation Between God and Man




Serious Bible Student


Sharing Religious Convictions 


Shifting Strategy 


Shut-up and Learn from Me 


The Significance of AD 70 in the History of Mankind


The Significance of Jesus


The Significance of Religion in Politics 


The Silence is Deafening


They Love Them 


Sin and Fear


Sin and Suffering 


Sin Into Righteousness


The Sin Problem


Sin, Transgressions, and Iniquity 


Sincerely Wrong 


Sir Edmund Burke 


Skeptical of Transformation 


Smart Like Me


Soar Like an Eagle 


Sola Scriptura


Son of God and Son of Man 


Somebody's Always to Blame 


Song of the River 


The Source of Divine Truth


Source of Glor


Sovereignty of Grace 


Special but Not Uniquely So


Spindoctors and Wordsmiths 


Spiritual Evolution or Instantaneous Change? 


Spiritual Poverty


Spirituality and Divinity


Spirituality, the Ultimaely Individual Aspect


Sports Sermons


The Stakes Are Too High for Uncertainty 


Strange Conversion 


Stepping Out of Character 


Stifling Spiritual Growth 


The Story of Job 


A Storybook Understanding


Strategic Foolishness


The Struggle Against Evil 


Struggle for Peace 


That's Not  For Me 


The Subject of Judgment


The Submissiveness of Jesus 


Subverting God's Will


Superior and Inferior People 


The Symbolism of the Jewish Day of Atonement


Teachers and False Teachers 


Teaching by Questioning 


Teaching Children about Eternal Punishment


Technical Writing 


Temptation to Meddle 


The Ten Commandments 


The Tension Between Unity, Freedom, and Equality


The Term "Christian" 


The Test of Your Theology


Testimonies to a Conversion Experience 


Thank God for the Old Testament 




Thanksgiving Essentials


That's Just the Way It Is


Theological Inquiry 


Theological/Political Interface 


Theological Speculator 


The Theological Standard


Theology- Old and Inherited or New and Personal?


Theology of Conflict


Theoretical and Applied Christianity


Then and Now, not Them and Us


There Are No Sacred Labels


There's No Getting Around It 


There Is No Sin 


There Has Never Been Any Separation 


The Thinking Man's Theology 


They Don't Believe It Either


Thinking Out Loud


This Book Will Change Your World


Those Marvelous Parable sof Jesus 


Thought Experiments 


The Threat of False Doctrine 


Threat or a Warning? 


Thus Saith the Lord, but Is He Talking to Me?


Thy Kingdom Come


Timeless Religion 


The Tip of My Tongue


Too Much Love 


The Torture Debate


The Tower of Babel 


To God Be the Glory


To Love Not is Sin 


Toxic Religion 


Traditional Doctrine of Eternal Punishment


The Transfiguration




Transformation of the Immutable God


The Transformative Mind of Christ 


Transmillennial 2008- A Glimpse of Glory


The Transnational Kingdom 


Trash Talk 


The Tree of Enemies


The Tree of Life


Tree of Wisdom or Tree of Fear


The Tree Still Bears Bitter Fruit


Trivializing the Work of Jesus


True or Real?


Trumping the Law 


The True Church- Conveyor of Righteousness


True Religious Freedom




The Truth


They Know Not What They Do


To Whom Do Listen? 


Truth in Labeling


Truth Versus Law 


Truth Works 


Two Gods 


Two Notions of Truth


Two Roads to Self Righteousness 


Two Sacred Documents 


Two Taboos: Religion and Politics 


Two Truths: Natural and Unnatural 




The Ultimate Sacrifice 


The Ultimate Solution 


Unbelievable Connection


Unconditional or Contingent? 


Unconditional Love, Relentless Grace, Perfect Salvation 


Undeniable Truth


Understanding Seemingly Contradictory Passages


Unethical Religion


Unexplained Wrath


Unfolding Brotherhood 


Unforgiveable Sin


Unintended Consequences 


Unity and Christ


Unity of Humanity 




Unjustified Compassion? 


The Unpardonable Sin 


Unreasonable Literalism


The Unsaved Church 


The Unsearchable Riches of God


Unto Christ 


Unworthy, Really?


The Use of Sacred Texts


Using and Interpreting Scripture 


Using the Bible 


Using His Name in Vain


Validate or Invalidate?




Various Aspects of Salvation


Victory in Jesus 


Visible Versus Invisible Church 


Waiting on the World to Change


The War on Christmas 


Walking in the Light 


Wanted: An Inspiring Deity 


The War Between Good and Evil 


War Refugees


Warren Jeffs and Freedom of Religion 


Warrior Motif 


Was Jesus a Hero?


We Choose the Life We Experience


We Have Chosen


Weaponing the God of Love 


Weirdness on the Road to Progress


Well, He Deserved It! 


What a Difference Our Concept of God Makes 


What About Before Jesus? 


What about God's Judgment?


What about the God of the Old Testament?


What about the Last Days?


What About the Folks Before Christ? 


What About Works? 


What Am I Trying to Do?


What Changed After the Reformation?


What Choice Did God Have? 


What Constitutes Bible Study? 


What Could He Have Meant?


What Do You Admire About Jesus? 


What Does "All" Mean? 


What Does God Want? 


What Does It Mean to be a Christian?


What Excites You? 


What Future?


What God Cannot Do


What Happened in the Garden? 


What Happened to the Church? 


What Happened to the Kingdom?


What is Christianity?


What is Commonsense? 


What is a Father?


What is the Gospel? 


What is the Gospel Really About?


What is Just?


What is Love Anyway?


What is Natural? 


What is the Problem? 


What is Religious Freedom Anyway?


What is Significant? 


What is Sin? 


What is so Good about the Gospel?


What Is That All About? 


What is Truth? 


What is the Unpardonable Sin?


What Makes Hellfire Believers Believable? 


What to Make of the Bible 


What's in a Name? 


What's Literally Important? 


What's My Label 


What's My Theology?


What's Really Different?


What is Righteousness? 


What Should I Say? 


What's So Amazing About Grace?


What's So Funny?


What's So Special?


What's Up Doc?


What's With That? 


What's Wrong with the Church?


What Transforms?


What Troubles Me 


What You Believe is a Choice


The When and How Question 


When Does God's Love End? 


When Does Goodness Count?


When the Bible Speaks 


Where Are You and Is That a Good place? 


Where is Jesus Now?


Where is the Urgency?


Where It All Leads 


Where The Bible is Concerned 


Which Adam- Dead or Alive?


Which Commandments?


Which Is It? 


Who Do You Really Love? 


Who or What Brings Salvation? 


Who Invented Sin?


Who's Responsible for Your Spiritual Well-Being 


Who's on the Defensive? 


Who's the Savior of the World?


Who or What Do You Trust?


Who or What is a Christian?


Who's in Control 


Who's the Enemy?


The Whole Truth 


Why am I Loved?


Why Do You Believe? 


Why is God so Touchy? 


Why is God Upset?


Why Deny It? 


Why Not Question? 


Why, Oh Why? 


Why Pain and Suffering? 


Why Good People Do Bad Things


Why so Little of the Message Behind the Message? 


Why Study? 


Why the Confusion? 


Will God be Mad Forever?


Will Worship 


Willfully Evil 


The Wisdom of a Child


Wisdom, Risk, and Human Virtue


Withholding Salvation


The Word 


Words and Deeds 


Working Knowledge


Worship in the Woods 


Worthless in the Eyes of God


Would Jesus Be Comfortable? 


The Wretch Created in the Image of God 


Wrong for How Long? 


You Are Bad 


You Can Have It Both Ways


You Can't Change Human Nature


The Younger Generation


Ye Are Gods 


Ye Shall Know the Truth 


Yield Not to Fundamentalism 


You Amaze Me


You Can't Handle the Truth


You Do the Math 


You Have to Wonder


You First 


Your Light Shines Best in Silence


Yours is not the Voice of God


Youthful Theological Debate 


Zion or Babylon


Zionism- a Plague on All Our Houses