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a second Moses?


Paul in I Corinthians 15 compared the Adam of the initial creation with Jesus, the second Adam of a new creation. Each was the beginning of a creative plan of God.


 As I have often noted, Orthodox Christianity insists that Jesus was a new Moses, giving out a new set of judicial rules which some like to call the law of Christ. Instead of seeing Christ as the originator of something better than law keeping (Galatians 3), they confine him to being the teacher of new rule based system with all the flaws of the old. Rules, rituals, human agents between God and man, sacred places, sacred days- all these and much more mirror what never brought about righteousness under Moses. So why insist on a second Moses?


The problem with the first Adam was a desire to be like God through personal effort, to be exclusive and set apart by the knowledge of how to judge. Jesus was like God by nature, so he could show the way to other men.


Was Jesus a new Moses? In the account of the transfiguration, the disciples were told to forget about Moses; listen to Christ. Moses was a law giver; Jesus was something else, the grace giver not some greater lawgiver/judge.