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a sin obsessed people



To say that the Christian church is obsessed with sin is an obvious understatement. According to the prevailing church thinking, men don't want to hear about sin because they enjoy sinning so much and don't want the church's message to spoil their fun. It's a convenient way to explain why many reject the church's harping about human frailties.


On the subject of sin, the subject matter usually vacillates between the sins of the church and the sins outside the church. Obviously, it is much more palatable to speak about the shortcomings of others; so, even the most sincere preacher, probably spends the vast majority of his sermons addressing the failures of the "unchurched". The sins of the church call for a "revival", indicating either that some members are not true believers in the first place or they have lost their former enthusiasm for rooting out sin in their own lives.


The sins of the unbelievers are the primary reason for being to the church. Endlessly pointing out sins in others and calling for repentance has been the essence of the church message for 2000 years now.


In contradistinction to what the church contends, it is my opinion that men in general are as thoroughly sin obsessed as the church could possibly make them already. Men in general are more than willing to find wrongdoing in others at ever opportunity, real or imagined. In addition most people are guilt ridden themselves beyond all bearing. If fault finding was the real mission of the church, then I think they have done a wonderful job. 


Of course, the real issue is not whether the world is as it should be but rather what to do now that we know something is wrong. The church has an answer, supposedly, one they have been trying to sell forever. Unfortunately, the church cure for sin never allows anyone to become any less sin obsessed. Jesus may have dealt successfully with sin, but sin goes right on ruling and reigning despite the best efforts of God and His Anointed One. Victory in Jesus remains hollow as long as we continue to deal with sin just like Moses did.