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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

Atheism, the last resort



In defending the tenets of orthodox Christianity, many contend that their interpretation of the Bible supersedes any ethical or logical absurdities which traditional doctrine involves. In effect, these defenders say that obviously unethical and illogical conclusions are irrelevant in any discussion of their theology. From their vantage point the human brain becomes a mere encumbrance to the required faith which Orthodoxy demands.


The unfortunate result of this manner of promoting the prevailing religious thought has been that those who refuse to acquiesce to this religious pressure to conform are often driven to the opposite extreme, that of denying or forsaking the possibility of God. Thus atheism has become the refuge of many who just cannot help but openly question what is so blatantly questionable. The church thereby creates atheists who then serve as another convenient target for directing religious fervor at outsiders rather than focusing it on their own doctrinal inconsistencies.


If human reasoning and ethical acumen are totally irrelevant to religious discussion as implied in the typical defense of Orthodoxy, then lesser animals should be the subjects of the Gospel and not men. The average man’s sense of right and wrong is not some figment of the Devil’s imagination; it is a natural part of a being created in the image of God. If I was forced to pick between accepting the unconscionable aspects of Christian tradition and being an atheist, I’m afraid that I’d have to choose just like Richard Dawkins. At least, I wouldn’t have to deny my humanity in order to conform to the church’s own brand of absurdity.