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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

Is Salvation Available to all?



It makes absolutely no sense that anyone’s relationship to God would depend on their birth circumstances. However, if hearing and believing a salvation message presented by a man is a necessary part of that relationship, then life circumstances in general, but especially birth circumstances, profoundly affect that salvation. The typical rejoinder to this logical point is that the Holy Spirit works miraculously to overcome the disadvantages of birth in a receptive human heart. God will somehow provide the spokesman and prompt the necessary resolve to achieve salvation in even the remotest of true seekers. Instead of life circumstances being an impediment to salvation in some, this suggests that the only real impediment is the willful intransigence of the individual. Are we supposed to believe that these divine interventions have leveled the playing field for every individual who ever lived? If that were true how could there be such great disparity in the number of “Christians” in different countries and cultures? 


If God is going to work without human assistance to prepare any heart and promote salvation, why depend on men at all in propagating that salvation? If human participation is essential in establishing a God relationship through a process designed for everyone, then any sense of justice and equality demands that the process be equally available to all without depending in any way on outside human help. Once all is in the hands of God alone, we know for sure that God’s desire will prevail absolutely.


A divine plan for a universal salvation cannot be a hit or miss proposition like the church prescribes. Maybe you hear; maybe you don’t. Maybe  you believe or maybe you can’t because of cultural influences. Maybe what you hear is correct or maybe not. Maybe the Holy Spirit speaks to you or maybe it doesn’t or you don’t hear.


God’s plans and promises don’t operate on maybe, possibly, or contingently. The purpose of God could not possibly fail unless there exists some power greater than He is. What power would that be, pray tell!