Sjolander Road Fellowship

Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

been there



If you are a Christian traditionalist, you have undoubtedly encountered this situation. You meet someone, a new possible friend. They are kind. They are joyful. They are loving and devoted to family. They are good people by any standard except maybe the religious.


So what do you do about this budding or potential relationship? Immediately quiz the newcomer about their religious beliefs? But what happens if I find out they are different, possibly even claiming a different faith based on the same Bible? Try to convert them? Shun them? Befriend them anyway in hopes of changing them later? But doesn't the Bible warn me to avoid non-Christians for fear they will corrupt me?


It's a dilemma of major proportions. So what is the answer? It's simple; only associate with and befriend people who go to the same church, where it is understood (actually required) that everyone agrees religiously.


The easy way out is also the safest. Easiest on me and easiest on the church. No need to deal with questions or doubts. No chance of losing my salvation by keeping bad company. Just keep on keeping on. Church doctrine is infallible, like the people who formulated it.


Why agonize over the inevitable in the first place. Many good, kind folks are doomed; and that is just the way it is. Why risk my soul or sanity worrying about that?


You've been there. So have I.