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What About Before Jesus?



I have pondered this before, but still have never heard anyone's answer. What did Jesus accomplish for the benefit of those who lived and died before he was crucified? What is the spiritual state of all the millions of people everywhere who passed away long before Jesus or even Abraham and Moses? What separated the acceptable folks from the unacceptable ones when there was no Jesus to claim as personal savior? Did God reject all those who died in the Great Flood, children included? Does anybody care or wonder, or am I alone in my curiosity?


If there was any way to be acceptable to God before Jesus, as an Israelite or whatever, it raises a big issue with why Jesus was necessary in the first place. No one in Christianity probably wants to condemn Moses or David to hell; but, if not, on what basis did they gain heaven. Perfect obedience? Apparently not!


This is just another example of how we have embraced a story of redemption which has some glaring ethical problems. Too many are being denied the benefit of Jesus because of bad luck, poor timing, or a different heritage. A supposedly divine plan with so many unaddressed questions begins to sound more human than divine.