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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love


For the purpose of this article, at least, “Biblemania” does not mean a board game testing one’s Bible knowledge. Instead, it implies the orthodox preoccupation with parsing the Bible. This fixation is rooted in the idea that the Bible is the source of all knowledge necessary for man to participate correctly in his own redemption. It makes the Bible a standard to be met, and is, in fact, an unscriptural and thinly disguised continuation of the provisional Old Testament legal system.

 “Biblemania” is not the same as following in the footsteps of Jesus. It is instead following in the footsteps of Moses. If Christianity had been as keen on internalizing the basic message of Jesus as it is on scrutinizing and deciphering every “jot” and “tittle” of the Bible, the spiritual state of the world could be vastly different. It is long past time to relinquish the falsehood of salvation by correct knowledge and move on to living out the heartfelt, universal message of God in Christ.

Rather than the critical rule book we have all been led to believe, the Bible is instead a highly stylized, culturally conditioned, and largely poetic story. In all of these aspects, the biblical story ebbs and flows, leading inexorably toward the grand conclusion which centers around Christ, the conclusive evidence of God’s unconditional Love. This climax of God’s purpose leaves no room for continuing wrath, judgment, guilt, and fear, all the things that dominate our orthodox theology yet today.

“Biblemania” makes the Bible the problem and veils the essential truth in a mystifying cloud of argument and counter argument. The end result is what we have today, a denial of God’s Love and a conclusion to the story which amounts to failure.