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Bible Study?


Bible study and expository preaching, as generally prac ticed, reveal little and perpetuate much. In both these exercises, newness of thought, conclusion, and application are avoided as downright dangerous to the immortal soul. Endless repetitions of long maintained doctrines are counted as both a fruitful endeavor and diligent exegesis. Any suggestion that deeper meaning might be gleaned by looking beyond the literal storyline is excoriated as evidence of Satanic influence. With such a mindset, the entire concept of study is farcical. Study to what purpose? To reinforce indoctrination? To demonstrate compliance to church dogma?

The very idea of meaningful study and evaluation of the scriptures is, in fact, anathema to the doctrinaire religion of orthodox Christianity. Let’s not kid ourselves. Simply reading the Bible and listening to sermons to bolster what we already believe is not real study nor does it involve exposition. Such activities merely “tickle the ears” and never really challenge the mind and heart with the newness of Christ.