Sjolander Road Fellowship

Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

blessedness and a thankful heart


As citizens of this world, the vast majority of Americans are marvelously blessed. That blessedness is not, as we often suppose, the result of our maintenance of a state of uprightness before God which then prompts Him to favor us over all others.

Ours is a state not unlike that of OT Israel. They were chosen for special favor by a process of God, which was unknown to them. They certainly didn’t earn it or deserve their special status. Somehow God made that seemingly arbitrary choice, and Israel collectively reaped the benefits. We are the same. Our exalted status as the most blessed of all nations is not because our race is superior, it is not because our culture is more refined, and it is not because our forefathers were upright men and their righteousness accrued to us as their descendents.

No, we enjoy our blessings because God in an exercise of His inscrutable sovereign will deemed it so. That is the reason why we owe continuous thanksgiving to our Creator. It is a constant reminder that ours is blessedness for which we are no way responsible.