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by one man came death twice



Romans 5 says that through one man sin and then death entered into the world. The reference is to the sin of Adam. Interestingly the very same claim could be made of Moses as it relates to Israel. II Corinthians 3 describes the Law of Moses as the glorious ministration of death. It is odd that that which causes death is said to be glorious, but such is the case. At any rate, the Bible clearly shows Moses as introducing a form of death to those under his law.


If one concludes that the problem with the Tree of Knowledge was the resultant ability and propensity to condemn and punish others, then it becomes obvious that a detailed law like that of Moses, with its many required forms of humanly administered punishment, would be the ultimate product of the Tree of Knowledge. The Law of Moses was the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge ten times over. If that fruit introduced sin and death into Adam's world, then the Law of Moses logically re-introduced death into the world of the Hebrews.


In that regard, it is understandable that Jesus had no great attachment to the Law. He, of all people, recognized the deleterious effect of that Law on Israel, promoting as it did self righteousness and a feeling of moral superiority. Jesus was not about honoring such a system. His perfection was without the Law. In other words the Law of Moses was irrelevant to a perfect Savior.


When we focus on Adams transgression as simply a matter of disobedience to a rule, we miss the essence of his story. Adam was not cursed because of God's wrath. He was cursed because he attached to something inherently harmful to his well being and ability to live in harmony and fulfillment. God warned, Adam ignored the warning, and nature took its course, leading to a death from natural causes, not some divine homicide.