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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

can god be trusted?


The basic question about the Bible is this: Can God be trusted? Can I rely on God to do what is right and to help me attain my ultimate potential as a being created in His image? Can I feel secure in the presence of my Creator?


Too often people come away from the church’s interpretation of the Bible narrative with the distinct impression that God is out to get them. His focus is on obeying the rules and meting out the consequences of our mistakes. Such a god is not the obvious object of trust and personal security. No wonder many reject this god and find no peace and joy in his supposed story.


If God is to be trusted, He must exemplify trustworthiness. If the above depiction of God is correct, there is no such demonstration. The god who is prepared to hammer me for every mistake is not at the same time an object of hope and trust.