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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

can i make god fail?



Evangelicalism means that I can make God a failure, if I don't do my part in redeeming myself and then rest of the world. God apparently wants to be successful, but for some reason He has limited Himself in relying on me.


If for some real reason God's success depended on me in any way, then He would assure that I could not fail in my part. God couldn't let me fail because otherwise He fails right along with me. That is untenable as the mode of operation for the Creator of the Universe.


Christian Orthodoxy's contention that God's original plan for mankind was foiled by man's malfeasance and that God's recovery program depends on my participation in achieving salvation makes me the supreme being. That is doubly so if I then must participate in the salvation of other human beings. God's Will is not supreme if He allows my achievement to be the measure of His success.


Interestingly, the church often admits as much when they contend that God does not send people to Hell; instead they send themselves. Such feeble attempts to exonerate God in view of the horror of eternal torment openly declare, perhaps unwittingly, whose will is supreme. One unfathomable church tenet inevitably leads to another illogical one as the church tries to explain the inexplicable.