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the cause of blindness



There are none so blind as they who will not see. This is a fairly well known saying which many may believe comes from the Bible. In fact it does not, though some see a similar thought in Jeremiah 5:21.


Everyone of us routinely experiences the feeling that others are blind to what we clearly see. The normal response to this sense of blindness is anger, frustration, and anxiety. None of that is healthy.


So why is that? Are all supposed to reach the same conclusions when given the same evidence? We all know that our national religion, Orthodox Christianity, insist that all absolutely must see the divine truth the same way. Out of that line of thinking, one naturally gravitates to the idea that everyone should see every issue the same way, namely our way.


I don't think it takes much real reflection to realize that we are all conditioned to pay attention to certain things and largely ignore others. In that concentration on one thing we become effectively blind to all others. Sensual inputs can swirl all around us, but while we remain totally focused on what holds our attention, we cannot recognize or deal with anything else. We are effectively blind to what others, who focus on something else, can see. By choosing what to focus on, we make a decision as to what we will remain blinded.


So we don't need to fret over what is inevitable, namely real, deeply held differences of opinion about every imaginable subject. Because we all are partially blind, the whole picture is never seen by any one person or even one group. That is the magic of a coordinated, cooperative, team approach to evaluating and solving problems. Different perspectives are essential to developing ideas that deal with complex issues. That is the underlying value of consensus decision making. Such can only evolve from a commitment to the idea that no one knows it all and everyone makes a valid contribution, providing a viewpoint which others cannot visualize without help.