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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

Christ without the church



I perceive that what we have in Christianity is the promotion of the institutional church and not the promotion of Christ. The various creeds and statements of faith developed by the church are the tools which maintain the power and pre-eminence of the church, not Jesus. Supposedly no one can come to Jesus without coming to the church first and staying for a lifetime. The ethics of Jesus are optional but church membership is essential. That is the perennial position of church sponsored Christianity.


I have concluded that we can and should be able to embrace Jesus without the church. Take away the church, with all its pessimism and fear mongering, and Jesus actually shines with His message of love, peace, unity, and forbearance. Take the church out of Christianity and maybe we can have Jesus straight up without all the additives and fillers which cloud and confuse His message to the point that He is unrecognizable and unappealing..