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disunity in the christian community

Often we hear preachers deploring the divisions that exist within the so called Christian community. The story goes that the non-Christians are confused because those who claim to be Christians cannot agree on something as basic as the definition of a Christian. It does seem that all the bickering over theological points and who is or is not a legitimate Christian would alienate many.


Of course, at the same time the churches moan about disunity among themselves, they go about extolling and promoting disunity between their members and the rest of the non-Christian world. Their theology of exclusiveness and fear forces upon them the need to exclude, shun, ostracize, and polarize. Under Orthodoxy’s influence there can never be any unity within the church or between it and the rest of humanity. Separation and strife are the only possible outcomes.


Now what was Jesus’ message on unity? Jesus was the great equalizer of humanity. Under the previous concept of God, there were special chosen people of God and then there was the rest of humanity. Jesus came along and called on the then chosen people to treat everyone special, even their enemies. It was an astounding departure from the Old Covenant way of thinking that the Jews were used to. After Jesus, Paul reiterated the inclusiveness of the new way and stated unequivocally that in Christ the divisions of the past would not dominate the world to come.


There is no way that the church as it operates today can remotely draw men of every description to the unifying message of Jesus because they don’t know it, much less practice it. They claim a desire for unity and then do everything imaginable to drive people apart.