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Christian or Jewish values?



We often hear that America was founded on Christian values. That would seem to imply that the ethical instructions of Jesus would form the basis for our institutions and cultural norms.


Strangely though, evangelical Christians have been noted as stressing the importance of Moses as the one who influenced the values of our founders. This fact was highlighted by a controversy over Texas social studies and history textbooks (Sun article 11/16/15).


One might wonder why Christians choose to seek their founding principles in the words of Moses and not Christ, himself. Are we to assume that Moses and Jesus were identical? One brief look at the Sermon on the Mount would dispel that assumption. Jesus supplanted Moses, in setting a brand new ethical standard.


The continued insistence by self proclaimed Christians that we as a nation must honor the Ten Commandments of Moses, while ignoring the counter intuitiveness of Jesus, like love your enemies, suggests that our Founding Fathers envisioned a Jewish nation, not a Christian one. This is further supported by the fact that much of evangelical Christianity is totally enamored of the Jewish nation state and teaches the continuing supremacy of the Jews over the rest of mankind. Thus to be Christian has come to mean complete devotion to all things Jewish, including their politics. These Christians' unswerving attachment to Israel demotes the non-Jewish portion of humanity to inferior status and therefore poisons our relationship with much of world.


Such worship of Judaism should qualify these "Christians" as Jewish converts rather than Christ followers. Why not just drop all pretense and admit that we reject Christ in favor of Moses, finding the Golden Rule to be a much bigger challenge than the Ten Commandments ever were.