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let's put Christ back into christianity



Occasionally we read a suggestion that we put Christ back into Easter or Christmas or the public schools or government. It's as if someone thinks Christ can be excluded from somewhere by the efforts of men.


Whenever I hear such comments, my mental response is that we need to put Christ back into so called Christianity. What generally passes for Christianity is nothing more than an institutional religion based more on Old Testament Judaism than anything supported by the words and example of Christ.


So in that regard, I am more interested in what needs to be removed from what we have known as Christianity. The first thing for me would be the incessant, arrogant contention that those affiliated with the various "Christian" churches are by nature morally superior to the rest of the world and God's designated enforcers of the "good".


Then I'd relinquish the claim that people are blessed in their life circumstances because they adhere to "Christianity". If as a church member you feel like God is letting you down when trials come, then you are infected with this claim. On the flip side, if you feel that those in less favorable circumstances deserve their fate because they are not right with God, you are likewise infected.


Finally I'd give up the notion that church doctrine is the fountain of all essential wisdom and that "Christians" are the proper instructors in righteousness for everyone else, being the correct example of how to think, live, and worship. If Christians want to influence the world for good, we need to live like Christ, not act like the church.


After we remove the above three from current day "Christianity" there won't be much left, so we would have to decide what to add back to the mainly empty shell. I'd suggest we focus our attention on the ethical instruction of Jesus in a cooperative attempt to actually transform our here and now world. We could then leave our fate in the hereafter safely in the hands of God, the only one with a clue about after death. Then maybe humanity would at last begin to experience what the advent of Christ was supposed to be about: peace, joy, freedom, and abundant living.