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church dismissal


It should be obvious that many church members believe that those who dismiss the church do so because they reject God or His plan and purpose for their lives. Some Christians go so far as to claim that only good church affiliated believers can be morally upright and therefore worthy of leadership roles in our society.

A more candid observer of the national religious/spiritual landscape would more likely conclude that a great number of people outside the confines of orthodox Christianity and its church consider themselves legitimately spiritually minded and concerned with God and His purpose in their lives. It would be difficult to engage in the prevalent internet dialogue on the subject of religion and spirituality without realizing the extent of issues and questions which people entertain but find no answers for within organized Christianity. This is true both of those in the church and without, but especially so for the outsiders. The reality then is this: many folks no longer see a link between their personal God relationship and any church affiliation. In fact, many see the church as the primary impediment to that relationship.

The old religious tactic of summarily dismissing non-church members as irreverent, immoral, and defiantly self willed is demonstrably false in the majority of cases. People are as concerned as ever about their spiritual well-being, but the church refuses in many cases to deal with their issues. The social media and internet access to vast stores of information have forever severed the church from its historic role as the primary source of religious/spiritual advice and information. No longer able to control the discussion, the church can rant and posture or finally get real. Freedom of religious thought is like all forms of freedom; it is infectious. Once tasted, there is no going back to bondage.