Sjolander Road Fellowship

Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

the church is not the source of Enlightment



Many people mistakenly go to church to seek an increased understanding of the Bible and by extension of God. As logical as that might seem, in actuality the church will work steadfastly to insure that you never receive any new understanding. The simple reason is that the church thinks that all truth has been established long ago and that their function is to proclaim and maintain that truth without variation. The existence of creeds, doctrinal statements, paid ministers, and seminaries all attest to the church’s determination to avoid any newness in how the Bible and God are seen. In fact, anything new is instantly derided as an invention or a heresy. It has always been so, because the church exists to maintain the status quo religiously, not to delve into further mysteries or to answer further questions.


If someone can grow in the knowledge of God and the sacred text without continuous change in understanding, I fail to see how. Yet the church talks about growth but views change as a threat. Apparently, when they speak of growth, they really mean growth in allegiance to the doctrines and opinions of the past. It is decidedly not about seeing old things in new, deeper, more transcendent ways. The church has God in a nice neat box, and they don’t want anyone to try to let Him out.