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It is my sincere belief that many people would love to embrace Jesus, if they could just do so without dealing with the institutional church with its rigidity, stridency, and self absorption. Aligning with the church too often looks like a complete rejection of the teachings of Jesus, in favor of man made creedal statements and blind adherence to the doctrines of the past.


The church insists that they and they alone can dispense God's blessings in Christ and that church affiliation is an essential mark of a Jesus follower. The more recent generations demand a religious experience which has relevance to their day to day lives; but, too often ,the church,wants to ignore here and now issues, claiming these as a distraction from the far more important hereafter ones. Thus the church and its message is becoming immaterial in many people's search for a truly personal spiritual purpose and insight.


For my own part, I believe that a church free, Christ based spirituality is a present day reality, even for those who adhere to the Bible. The only verse I can find which seems to enshrine the church as eternal in the plan of God is Ephesians 3:21. It's interpretation in the KJV is suspect in light of the original wording which from the Greek Interlinear Bible reads "to him be the glory in the church and in Christ unto all generations of the age of the ages." That could just as easily be a reference to a temporal, age lasting entity. The idea that the church, as the institution we know, would remain the essential conduit of God's blessing on all mankind forever is totally untenable. All one needs to do to reach that conclusion is look at church history.