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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

church insanity



Why would any sane person accept a demeaning depiction of God solely on the basis of the church's interpretation of a book? By demeaning, I mean a representation which is ethically abhorrent, unmajestic, and therefore not inspirational.


The fact that people, inside and outside the church, are not inspired by the church's god is everywhere evident. It is duly noted in the constant complaints we hear from institutional Christianity about the loss of church membership, general religious skepticism, and rapidly changing cultural norms which challenge church doctrine.


Yes, why have we so long accepted the church's domination over our understanding of God and our place in  the creation? Does it make any sense to assume that the church knows what is true and we don't need to question it? Is God really defined by what institutional religion says about Him?


I have suggested that the church's version of God breeds insanity. Maybe I need to address that contention, What are the most prominent consequences of believing in the god of the church? Some may claim that righteous behavior and peace of mind are foremost in the consequences. While it is true that Christian dogma tends to constrain behavior and that the recognition of the spiritual aspects of human existence can instill a more resilient state of mind, we have to honestly consider the underlying message of Christian Orthodoxy. God is very powerful, very angry, and very dangerous. Believe or else. Behave or else. Comply or else. What you believe, how you behave, and how you comply are all determined by the church, using their book. No matter how you feel about the church's god, he is all you can have or choose. Reject the church and you reject God. Question the book and you reject God.


No one should miss that the state of mind, sold to believers in the church god, is actually an inevitable mix of fear, anxiety, and frustration. Emphatically, a god who I am obliged to fear, especially to the extent of facing eternal damnation, is no source of peace- mental, emotional, or physical. He is instead the ultimate instiller of schizophrenia, the mental disorder characterized by paranoia and bizarre delusions.


I tend to be insane enough without church help. I need a god who heals my insanity, not one who enhances it. The belief that supposedly saves us is actually the unbelief which damns us, the very denial of a God worth believing in.