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the church's Interpretation



The church has taken one possible bible interpretation and made it the only possible one. In achieving that outcome, they have been very fortunate. The church was in control of the canonization process which determined which of the competing books were included in the Bible in the first place. Then the church was the only group who had real access to the Bible for a thousand years or more, during which time the church promulgated its doctrine with no possibility of contradiction. Once the Bible actually became available to large numbers outside the church hierarchy, the general population was conditioned by long exposure to accept the church's interpretation.


In addition, the general acceptance of the church's doctrinal positions, built as they are on obedience to divine authority, was greatly aided by the mankind's historical exposure to the concept that "might makes right". Human experience certainly verified that the strongest of men got to make the rules, and the others had to obey or else. By extension then, God, the source of ultimate power, could make whatever rules He chose; and no one on earth could possibly question them no matter how absurd or unjust they might seem.


The necessity to follow the rules of those in authority in order to survive was an engrained aspect of every day life on planet earth. Why wouldn't the same scheme apply to God? It all seemed too natural. The church could propose the same mode of operation for God, and men acquiesced to that understanding out of longstanding familiarity rather than reasoned evaluation.


In our day, church confusion survives because the traditional church interpretation inhibits most from attempting personal re-evaluation. Those who do attempt that personal study usually become frustrated by the apparent inconsistencies and just give up. They then either abandon the church and its Bible all together or just accept that it is all a great mystery which only the church elite can unravel. Thus a malaise of resigned silence lends implicit support to the confusion and the church continues its immunity from questioning.