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church suicide


The title does not refer to the suicide of individual church members. I am focused on the death of the traditional institutional Christian church in America. That institution has been struggling for years with declining membership and less and less church attendance. Some new churches rise and flourish for a time, each trying to appeal through various innovations to the upcoming generation and thus lure young families into their fold. These changes eventually lose their power when people come face to face with the unpleasantness of church doctrine and the inevitable church politics. Yesterday’s new convert or new member is tomorrow’s disillusioned and dissatisfied person looking for a new church home or an escape from the church all together. This has been the reality for decades now.

So what does the current church do? They align themselves with a brand of politics which is certain to further alienate it from the vast majority of those below the age of thirty. In order to appease members who are rapidly dying off, the church is content to throw away the generation which will have to be the future church. Sounds like a collective suicide wish to me.