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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love





When conformity to dogmas of the past are the measure of righteousness, as the church so ardently teaches, then rejecting public education and any other contact with differing thoughts and ideas is a must. Especially troublesome, would be the idea that people of other cultures should be allowed to freely circulate within our society and influence the national discourse and institutions. This is precisely where orthodox Christianity, its ministers, and adherents always find themselves. When right thinking is essential, then we need to regulate the thinking process.


Within this prevailing religious atmosphere, we witness an absolute reverence for a cloning operation, a religious method by which Christians attempt to replicate themselves in their children and others by enforcing emulation. A part of this, as noted above, is the insistence that Christians must insulate themselves from any influences which might challenge the replication process. Thus, we, as a society, witness many expressed ideas which on the surface appear bizarre, irrational, and thoroughly at odds with the ideals of freedom and equality.


One need only consider the basic tenets of Christian theology to see how these differ from the principles of democracy. Nothing about Orthodoxy's message promotes the kind of cultural situation which promotes freedom of thought, expression, or action. All is subject to the authority of the church and its theology, under the guise of being God mandated. A more dangerous mindset could not be imagined if your intent is the establishment of a free society. Our pretense of freedom has been maintained for theses past two plus centuries primarily because the church has so successfully suppressed any dissent, making apparent unanimity of belief the measure of freedom, instead of real freedom.


Somehow we have accepted the idea that the freedom from thinking makes us free indeed. The church has put us into a coma where we have become insensible to reality.


It is beyond irony to see the church folks scream about the need for freedom from the government while abdicating the only real hope of being free to the institutional church without so much as a question or a whimper.