Sjolander Road Fellowship

Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

Comeuppance for Rogues and grace for me

Many of us seem to relish the idea that the rogues in our midst will receive their just reward from God if they escape their comeuppance at the hands of men. Such feelings feel natural enough, if not particularly noble. However, when we assume that we can avoid our own due because we have gained God’s favor through right religion, that assumption appears very presumptuous. Claiming a favored status before God which gives us a free pass, while pronouncing judgment on the faults of others, is just too, too convenient and self-serving. No such message could ever ring true to those we claim as the rogues.


Do we really think that God can grant grace for us and demand justice from most of the rest of humanity? On what basis? Our superior knowledge? Our righteous heritage? Our church membership? Our piety? Our Christianity? What is Christianity but the collective doctrines of men purportedly incorporating the message of Jesus? It won't take much looking to see that Christianity is not about Christ. It is instead all about the manmade institution known as the church. Either grace is for all or justice is for all, and you can take your pick. I choose grace. It makes for a much bigger God, and it is a whole lot easier on me.