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commonsense will send you to hell



Commonsense carries the idea of what is commonly believed and assume to be true and even irrefutable. Religiously, many believe that commonsense, that which many hold to be true, can lead to God being displeased with you and subsequently land you in the bad place.

Verses like  Proverbs 14:12- There is a way that appears to be right, but in the end it leads to death are cited to prove that what seems right can actually kill you. Of course, quite often this argument is presented as a means to prove that the religious thoughts of others are dangerous, leading straight to hell.


Any who accept that spiritual/religious truth is not derived from commonsense might consider the very real possibility that our notion of using commonsense to establish what is true in our physical existence and experience is equally suspect and maybe even dangerous. Long held and culturally appealing ideas, assumptions, and beliefs about how life works may seem inalterable and secure, but history is one long running saga of cultural and societal changes, which turn previous commonsense into the new foolishness.


If we return to the Bible and religious thought in general, I believe we do find that commonsense is not a proper guide to divine truth. In a very real way, commonsense can send you to hell, but maybe not in the manner many of the religiously minded might think.


For any who pay close attention to Jesus and what he taught his disciples, the absence of so called commonsense is down right startling. His words are alarming and bizarre if evaluated on a commonsense basis. Jesus is very much of the mind that what men commonly believe and practice is dead wrong, producing hellish/deadly results. When Jesus, out of the blue, introduced the heretofore unknown concept of eternal punishment, he was pointing out the negative impact which commonsense thinking had had on human history. Mankind's operating without regard to the Golden Rule had already created hell and that would continue as long as mankind embraced their own commonsense instead of the uncommon sense of Jesus.