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compelling evidence


Why does the church insist on repeating the same words over and over to the same audience? Do they think that the act of repetition makes the story more believable? Do they think that at some point in time God will empower the same old words and make them effective at last?

The church's approach to evangelism and their explanation of its obvious ineffectiveness seems to imply that people need time to be convinced of the church's doctrine. Either the truth is initially unclear or must gradually sink in. Thus, hearing the same thing many times is not only beneficial but necessary. It never seems to occur to the church that many hearers simply cannot accept the idea of human instructors in righteousness because it is illogical. No new biblical evidence or repetition of old messages can ever remove that barrier to acceptance. For countless people, a capable God would never rely on special men to teach others what they must believe and accept.

It is particularly curious the way the church relishes repeating its doctrine endlessly even for its adherents. That audience already knows and supposedly accepts those precepts, so what is the purpose of speaking and hearing the same thing week after week. Church members are supposed to be enraptured by the old, old story when I suspect most are just bored silly and benumbed by the church's indoctrination.

I can forever tell a man who sees a black wall that the wall is white, but that won't change a thing in his mind. If God has to intervene to change it, then my part is redundant. The unbelievers don't lack compelling evidence of the church's truth. They lack any conviction that the church knows what is true.

The church's version of compelling evidence is their certainty of a future filled with prophesied horrors which will supposedly, once and for all, convince everyone that the church was correct all along. Of course, ironically and sadistically, that evidence will present itself only after it is too late for the vast majority to be at last persuaded. Here again where is the logic and magnificence of a truth which is verified in that fashion. There is none.