Sjolander Road Fellowship

Declaring the God of Unconditional Love



In my spiritual past I have transition from a Baptist upbringing to a later period in the Church of Christ. A significant part of that evolution involved the question of concreteness around the moment of salvation. In the Baptist definition of salvation I was always left hanging as to exactly when I was saved or even if. After that beginning to my spiritual evolution, I found the five step C of C definition of salvation a bit more comforting. Baptism was the definitive completion of the process.

Well, I have now left that all behind and am focused on a new form of concreteness. In this new effort I look to experience the promised blessings of salvation- peace, joy, and liberty. When I enjoy what salvation was supposed to be about, then I concrete evidence that what Jesus came to provide has been appropriated into my personal life.

In seeking a definitive salvation experience in this way, I know better than to look to the church. Their theology is neither peaceful, joyful, nor liberating. It is precisely the opposite. Two trips through the elements of Orthodoxy proved that for me.