Sjolander Road Fellowship

Declaring the God of Unconditional Love


People are often inclined to claim Jesus as their Savior with little regard for the behavioral example set by Jesus. Rather than Jesus the merciful, meek, and lowly, many instead embrace Jesus as the judge and strident opposer of evildoers.


The church so often speaks of a flawed human nature as the main influence which separates mankind from God. In their terminology, human nature implies a propensity to sin, to do what comes naturally but in opposition to God’s wishes and commandments. I believe there is an engrained human tendency which is actually counter to our true nature and which brings about a false separation not only from God but also each other. That tendency is manifested in our longstanding affinity for judging and condemning one another for not seeing the world the same way, for not believing the same things to be true, and for not all acting in exactly the same fashion. This almost universal human attitude makes conformity sacred, as long as it is conformity to my way of seeing and believing. This form of sacredness makes a sinner of anyone that does not agree with me.


What is the correct balance between conformity for the sake of “getting along” and the freedom to be your true self? That is, perhaps, the real issue to be addressed in any practical discussion of human behavior. When Jesus summarized the Law with the Golden Rule, He, in effect, provided the rule of conformity which was the message behind the Law. He taught that one should conform to one’s own conscience in determining right behavior. This was reiterated by the Apostle Paul, in Romans 14 most particularly. No man is obligated to conform to my sense of the sacred or anyone else’s, even those who claim to speak as the voice of God.