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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

Confrontational christianity

Repeatedly, over a period of years, we have seen e-mail campaigns to resist a supposed effort by skeptics and atheists to band Christian broadcasting. It all turns out to be just another urban legend, like so many others. By constantly “battling windmills” like this, we simply expose our spiritual insecurities.


It is troubling to me that we Christians mobilize so readily and fervently when called upon to “battle evil” but don’t often respond so enthusiastically in sponsoring the positive. Everyone wants to be a warrior, but few desire the role of servant, the one exemplified by Christ. I don’t suppose anyone has noticed that the role of combatant just makes believers appear no different from anyone else. The “call to arms” is not the call of Christ, but you could never tell that from watching the issues of emphasis in many churches. Paul admonished the Romans to overcome evil with good. I doubt that engaging in constant confrontation is the good Paul had in mind.