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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

Don't confuse Jesus and the church


Church people routinely go to the church and think they are hearing and honoring Jesus. Meanwhile down the street or across town members of another church are condemning the first group for being fake Christians and actual children of the Devil. This kind of belief has been the bread and butter of Christian denominationalism throughout the history of the church.

Actually relying on and trusting in the church is not the same as trusting in Jesus. The church is not Jesus and for the most part it does not teach Jesus, honor Jesus, or lead to Jesus. The church is a man made, human administered institution, as fallible and corruptible as any other product of human effort and knowledge. Their insistence on divine authority as God and Jesus' representative on earth is completely unsubstantiated; it is a mere assertion, one which naturally appeals to those in charge of the church, elevating them to the powerful role of divinely anointed spiritual rulers.

Anyone who wants to honor Jesus and seriously attach to him and what he taught will have to go directly to the source. How that is accomplished is open to debate, but be assured that relying on the institutional church as that source reflects an unwarranted trust and confidence in the role of human leadership in matters of the spirit.