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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

the moral/spiritual conundrum



As a human race we face a moral and spiritual conundrum. On the one hand in our evaluation of life, its origin, our purpose in the universe, and the prospects for the hereafter, we seek answers which make sense, are logical to our way of thinking. Naturally this means that possible answers are necessarily limited to those we can envision and more importantly accept as reasonable within the limits of our personal experience and its associated prejudices.


At the same time, our sub conscious mind seeks answers to these issues which are majestic, ennobling, and in a real sense, extraordinary, maybe even little counter intuitive. Since man has struggled throughout human history with these very questions, it is obvious that so called common sense hasn't provided widely accepted and thoroughly satisfactory answers. Philosophers, theologians, artists, psychologists, scientists, and just regular citizens, all continue to ponder and struggle over the meaning of life, despite centuries of the application of human logic and reasoning.


So, in affect, we face a problem which puts our minds at cross purposes. We desire knowledge which our minds can grasp, evaluate, and accept as true, but concurrently we want to discover something that could reasonably have escaped human understanding for millennia and which still escapes us to a large degree. The answer must be logical but not obvious;  ultimate reality is necessarily mysterious.


In this vein of thought, I am reminded of what I have heard from theoretical physicists on occasion. In pursuing new lines of reasoning or new theories, these individuals look for what they describe as elegance in the associated mathematics. Now, the concept of elegance in mathematics has no real meaning to me and likely for the vast majority of us. However, whatever elegance means in this context, I think it describes what the human heart seeks in its search for answers to the basic life issues and questions. The answers need coherence, clarity, and reasonableness; but at the same time they need to have a degree of awesomeness which wows the mind and heart, being at once plausible, disconcerting, and extraordinarily mind altering.