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I hear much talk of the word "discipleship" in the church. What does that mean? Do members need to submit themselves to the instruction of the church in order to be disciples? What is the goal or purpose of discipleship? Whose disciple are we to be, Jesus or the church? Why aren't people taught to be disciples before they claim to be Christians? Since the term disciple means follower and student, why would anyone suggest that we are Christians first and then later become disciples. Does that compute at all? How can I be Christian in the sense of a Christ follower without having a knowledge of and commitment to the instructions of Jesus?


In effect, the use of the idea of discipleship within church teaching means that I can claim salvation in Jesus and not even understand what Jesus taught. Supposedly, I can adhere to a salvation ritual, gain divine approval,, and then maybe decide to learn what Jesus was really about at my and the church's leisure. It's a strange "cart before the horse" theology by any measure..