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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

dissenting thoughts



You'd like to think that promoting the God of unconditional love for all mankind would be non-threatening. Not so for the orthodox Christians though. For them God gets upset if you believe Him to be too gracious, benevolent, and capable. Anything that upsets God, then becomes a threat to everyone. God expresses His anger toward misbelieving individuals and groups which harbor such people. Therefore, it behooves the Orthodox to suppress the idea of this totally benevolent fairy tale God. Religion and speech may be free in accordance with the 1st Amendment but not too the extent that the entire nation is compromised, for goodness sake.


One must wonder why the absolute unequivocal truth of Orthodox Christianity has to be defended so passionately from exposure to dissenting views. You'd think that the truth would readily meet the challenge of careful examination and comparison with non-truth. The urge to go all apoplectic whenever someone suggests an alternative truth would seem to create doubt about the church's version of truth rather than actually sustaining it. Won't people begin to wonder why the truth of Orthodoxy always reacts so defensively?


The reaction of the church to any suggestion of doubt about their theology is a predictable as the rising of the sun. First plug the ears, then freeze the mind, and finally lash out hysterically against the perpetrators, quoting isolated scriptures as required. Such is not the mark of absolute truth, but rather self promoting falsehoods